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My Skills & Certifications:
* Master Computer Electronics Specialist
* Master Computer Fundamentals (Win95/98)
* Master Training, Delivery, & Evaluation
* Master Netscape 4.72     * Medical Terminology
* Computer Technical Support     * HTML 4.0
* Technical Writing     * WWW Concepts
* Microsoft Excel     * Microsoft Word
* Windows 98 Power User     * Programmer/Analyst Aptitude
Arizona Daily Star ...I'm usually listed in the "Outlaw Wanted" section, heh heh!
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Air Force and Military  Lotsa links to visit and useful information...Check it out!!!
Air Force Recruiting Duty...
NOT a wise career move!...
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ATECHS - Advanced Technical Experienced Consistent Honest Service
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Hardware * Upgrades * Repair
Printers * Business Equipment

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Autos, Motorcycles, and Racing  My car? Well, it's just a piece of sheet..umm...metal. heh heh
Bible Links and More  For God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son.
Books and Magazines Only a book left unread is wasted paper...Wel-l-l these here's 'lectronic type ya know, so's don't waste the 'lectrons, ok?  ;^)
Educational Interests 'Tis far better to be an educated idiot than just an idiot...heh heh 
Electronics Information The key ta 'lectronics is ta never let the magic smoke outta the 'lectronic pieces, ya know!
The Zoe-Line - Christian Writer
The Zoe-Line offers various writing services from special messages to business brochures. 
Author of "Count It As Done".

Family Feature Links Our family is our future, our present, and our past all rolled into one.
Food and Recipes What's fer supper? ...mmm...mmm....Great !!! 
Freebies 'N Etc If'n the cost is free, I'll take a coupla hundred, please !!! 

Broken Willow Lodge Bed and Breakfast
Get away from it all, but with all the comforts of home.  Offers horseback riding, hunting, and fishing along the Missouri River near Springfield, SD.

Fun 'N Games 'N Art Anybody up fer a game? Cool!!! = 8^)
Government Links Gub'mint!?! That's US ain't it?...heh heh
Health and Happiness Health 'n happiness...Who could ask fer anything more?
Hobbies ...fer fun I enjoy collectin' hobbies... heh heh
Horoscopes Is this what they mean when they say "prepare fer the future"?... hmmm

Plymouth County Truck Arena Racing! -

So you think you have a tough truck?  How about we find out how tough your truck is...

Let's go Arena Racing!

Humor - Laugh Your Troubles Away! If'n it makes ya at least smile, it's worth the trip, ain't it? 
Information, Law, and Reference Resources Just how many licks DOES it take to get to the Tootsie pop center... hmmm 
Internet 'N Search Tools Do we hafta get lost before we can find ourselves? ...hmmm... What d'ya think?

Derby church of Christ

Simple worship before an awesome God in a complicated world.

IRC Chat and Friends' Web Sites Stop by #airforce on Undernet and say "Howdy!"...Great "family-oriented" channel!
Jobs and Career Information A returned smile in service is its own reward...Hold on thar!... That's just a figger of speech... I 'zpect ta be paid, too !!!
Midi, Music, and Sound That there's music ta my ears, ya know!
Newspapers - Online Versions Ya can read 'em if'n ya want, I just look at the pictures! 
Privacy and Remailers OK ...Fire at Will! ....... RUN WILL!!!!! ...heh heh _____
Programming and HTML Resources This here infernal cornfuser's gonna do what I need, 'r else I's gonna pull the plug !!! 
Radio and Scanner Resources How's come ya gotta say "over" anyways? Ain't it obvious yer not runnin' yer jaws? :) 
Support and Software Some folks ta turn to if'n ya need a hand...HELP! 

Hentges Oil Ltd - Petroleum Tank Wagon Service
Delivering propane, heating oil, and other petroleum products to the LeMars, IA area since 1925!

Travel and Areas to See Where ya headed to?...Well, Ya can sure get there from here!  ;)
Wild 'N Wonderful - Links That Defy Categorization Sometimes a fell'r just has ta climb the mountain ta see the view, ya know! 

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